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The Bridges of Bronx County

Last week I was doing a bit of late summer cleaning and found the original copies of my 2009 New York Times essay “The Bridges of Bronx County.”  The newspaper copies had aged quite a bit.  Worried about their preservation, I decided to have them restored and scanned digitally.  I went to Duggal Visual Solutions, which I had been to many times in the past for previous scans.  Duggal did a great job.  Beyond my wildest expectations!  

Living City: A Tale of Two Bridges

A few days ago, The New York Times published a fantastic short documentary – Living City: A Tale of Two Bridges – which looks at the history of the Tappan Zee Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge.  Definitely worth watching! Noted painter and author, Antonio Masi, shares inspirational reflections on the beauty and significance of the bridges of New York City.

Traveling While Black

I was pleasantly surprised to find Farai Chideya’s story titled Traveling While Black in Friday’s New York Times. As a African-American, who shares a similar thrill for the road (especially international travel), it was reassuring to read about the travel experiences of Chideya and other people of color. Ever since my 2002-2003 Watson Fellowship year, I have had the wanderlust bug and during recent years, photography has become an increasingly important element of my travel experiences abroad.  Many of the observations that Chideya state, I myself have been a witness to and have wondered about. Definitely worth reading.

Bay Bridge Light Show

I, of course, was fascinated to learn about the world’s largest L.E.D. light sculpture and public art installation taking place on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.  The NYT also has a short, informative video titled Bridge of Light about Leo Villareal’s inspiring project.