About Me

Welcome and thank you for visiting my photo blog!

My name is Duane Bailey-Castro and I am an urban landscape and travel photographer. I live and work in New York City.

The Harlem River and its 15 bridges have been the main subject of my photographic work. Since 2007, I have been exploring this largely under-appreciated area of New York City learning about its fascinating past and in the process, trying to share that joy with others. I continue to be amazed by the fact that despite the seemingly inexhaustible number of stories about New York that are produced and published almost every day, the Bronx and Upper Manhattan continue to be on the periphery. I hope that my work can be of some help in offering a new and long overdue perspective of the Bronx and Upper Manhattan.

Like photography, travel is never far from my mind. I try to hit the road whenever possible. If I’m not thinking about my next shoot along the Harlem River, there’s a good chance I’m studying Google Maps contemplating my next travel journey.

I hope this blog will become a platform where I regularly share my experiences and thoughts surrounding my photographic development and travels.

Thank you once again for visiting and please feel free to share any feedback.

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