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Bronx X Bronx @ the Bronx Documentary Center

Last night was the opening exhibition reception for Bronx X Bronx at the Bronx Documentary Center. All are welcomed to attend this wonderful show of Bronx photographers and see the wonderful gallery space that has brought so much inspiration to this area of the South Bronx.  This free exhibition continues until October 12th. Yours truly is also fortunate to have one photograph of the High Bridge in the exhibition. Come and check it out!

The Takeaways

Last week’s portfolio review at the Bronx Documentary Center was both informative and rewarding.  In blocks of 15 minutes each, I met and showed samples of my work to five different photo editors from The New York Times, The New Yorker, and Getty Images.  I joked with a few of them that the experience of moving from table to table after such rapid conversations reminded me of speed dating.  All were very supportive of my photographic work on the Harlem River Valley.  They agreed that I had a solid command of the fundamentals: composition, exposure, clarity, and use of light.  A few commented that I was offering a view of the city that isn’t seen very much and that my passion for this subject was evident in the consistency and scope of my images. At the same time, they each offered instructive criticism of specific images and my portfolio as a whole.  Firstly, it would be wonderful to have more images closer to the waterfront itself.  I have many bridge shots in which the spans …

Upcoming Portfolio Review

This past weekend I registered for a February 23rd portfolio review at the Bronx Documentary Center, which is located in the HUB section of the Bronx just east of 149th Street. I went to my first portfolio review one evening back in 2009 at the School at International Center of Photography.  Reviews were being offered as part of an open house event for photographers interested in enrolling in courses there.  I remember that the gentleman, who looked at my work, was impressed by its scope and content but he encouraged me to purchase a DSLR camera  – so that the quality of my images would be significantly better – and then, to reshoot many of those same subjects.  At the time, I was using my 6 megapixel point-and-shoot Canon PowerShot A700.  His recommendation was perhaps the greatest takeaway for me.  While it was some time before I was able to upgrade my gear, it marked a significant step forward in my photographic development. So, this brings me to this coming Saturday.  I learned about the …